clubhouse-cairns-300pxWhat are the Benefits of a Clubhouse?

International and Australian research from nearly 400 Clubhouses in 34 countries over more than 60 years indicates membership of the Junction Clubhouse will achieve results comparable to other Clubhouses across the world through:

  • Meaningful activity and work that help people stay out of hospitals, re-build confidence in themselves and their image of who they are and how they “fit” into their community;
  • Daily social interaction with other people reducing the social isolation that is a major impact on people’s lives while recovering;
  • Skill development that is available at the pace that suits the individual and their health at any time;
  • Avoidance of homelessness by having appropriate support and the opportunity to achieve social, financial, and vocational goals.

Recent research on existing Clubhouses has documented the positive outcomes that are achieved including:

Improved Well-Being:
Compared with individuals accessing traditional services only, Clubhouse Members were significantly more likely to report that they had close friendships and someone they could rely on when they needed help.

Higher Employment:
Two studies have shown that the Clubhouse model produces higher rates of employment, longer job tenure, and higher earnings than other programs offered for people with a mental health issue. A study of 17 Clubhouses has shown that longer job tenure and higher earnings correlates to longer Clubhouse membership.

Reduced Hospitalisation:
In one study, membership in a Clubhouse reduced the number of hospitalisations by one third and reduced the average number of hospital days by 70%. Reducing hospitalisation translates into savings for government mental health services. If Clubhouse Members are kept out of hospital a saving of $1,600 per Member per overnight stay is possible.

Reduced risk of entering the Criminal Justice system:
Research has demonstrated that Criminal Justice System involvement has been found to be substantially diminished during and after Clubhouse membership.