What a Merry Month We Had In May!  Busy Buzzing Like Bees!

Firstly we had four members from the Junction go down to do Advocacy Training in Townsville.  Now as this is such an important accomplishment for the clubhouse, one of the members who went has written a report for our newsletter, to explain fully what this means to our membership.

Despite the fact that we have an “exclusive membership requirement” to join our clubhouse, our membership numbers continue to grow.  Wow!   We now have 73 members in total.   So a hearty welcome to all our new members.

We had another Open Day and we catered lunch for close to 30 people. This was attended by Clubhouse Australia representatives, (brothers and sisters from the Clubhouse Family). They came from Cane Fields, Diamond House, Billabong Club House, Stepping Stone Clubhouse, Pioneer Clubhouse and Eureka.  While we did have a formal agenda, the day was relaxed and friendly.   We discussed the programs and events that other Clubhouses run which was really inspiring and interesting.  So many good ideas.  We got heaps of positive feedback on the achievements that we have made so far.

On a more serious note we had a planning day because we have to keep up to date with the boring stuff like administration, clerical processes and accountability.  This stuff is essential if we are to continue to grow and keep The Junction running efficiently and keep a firm eye on our program objectives.

So download the newsletter here!

The Junction Clubhouse Cairns May 2015 Newsletter