Daily Activity at the Junction Clubhouse

The daily activity of The Junction Clubhouse is organised around the work-ordered day structure. This is generally an eight hour period, Monday to Friday, which parallels the business hours of the working community. Members volunteer to undertake activities such as administration tasks, meal preparation, Member support, or community service activities.

Members may not yet be confident or well enough to undertake a part time or full time job so the work ordered day provides meaningful volunteer roles within a supportive environment. This experience and peer support re-builds confidence and skills.


Members who want to focus on administration type tasks can commit to anything from producing the monthly Junction Newsletter to managing the money for meals, drinks and snacks. Members and staff worked together to develop all the Membership documentation including an Individual Plan format that has been well supported.



Because limited diet often impacts on people’s health Members have decided to offer breakfast, snacks and a  nutritious lunch each day at low cost. This commitment means that Members daily organise the lunch menu, shop  for ingredients, prepare the meal and clean the kitchen in compliance with food safety standards. This approach also means that lunch time is a very social occasion for people that are often living alone.



Some Members prefer to be outside and helping develop and maintain the Junction gardens is a popular  option. The garden beds surrounding the Junction are steadily being planted and landscaped to create a more  attractive space and the Clubhouse beds at the Bungalow Community Garden are being prepared and planted  with salad vegetables and herbs for the daily lunches.

Daily Activity at the Clubhouse

Training and Employment Programs

As a membership right, the Junction provides members with support to work towards their own education or employment goals. Employment support strategies are developed and delivered through partnerships with local agencies such as the respected Worklink service, for an integrated approach.

Evening, Weekend and Holiday Programs

In addition to work and volunteer opportunities, the Junction Clubhouse has social and recreational initiatives outside of the work ordered day organised by members and staff.

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Community Support

Throughout the work-ordered day, members are given support and assistance in acquiring the best available services in the community such as general medical services, and accessing income support benefits. The Junction Clubhouse can also help with budgeting, advocacy, legal issues, socialising and developing skills depending on Members’ needs.


Part of the daily work of the Junction Clubhouse involves keeping track of all of the active members, reminding them that they are missed when they have not been in for a while. In reaching out, a Member is reassured that they are welcome, that they are valued, and needed at the Clubhouse. This serves not only as encouragement but also as an early warning system for members who are experiencing difficulties and may need extra help.


The Junction Clubhouse offers support for external educational opportunities. Where possible, though, the Junction utilises the talents and skills of Members and staff to provide educational opportunities within the Clubhouse, itself.


The Junction Clubhouse helps Members to access and maintain appropriate housing support either through Government, community based initiatives, or the private rental market.

Decision-making and Governance

Decision-making and governance are an important part of Clubhouse work. There are open forums between Members and staff to discuss policy issues and future planning for the Junction. There are daily meetings which are held with staff and Members to plan the daily work schedule, to plan the next week, and to plan the next month.

In addition, The Junction Clubhouse also has an Advisory Board, Chaired by Justice Jim Henry, which always includes Members. The Advisory Board is charged with overseeing management, fundraising, public relations and helping to develop employment opportunities for Members.