What is The Junction Clubhouse?

A The Junction Clubhouse provides a club like environment for people who have had their lives impacted by mental health issues and who believe recovery is possible.

The Junction Clubhouse is much more than a program, or a mental health service; it is most importantly a membership based community of people who are working together towards the common goal of participating in, and contributing to the community.

The Junction Clubhouse offers each Member the right to:

  1. have a place to come to
  2. have meaningful relationships,
  3. have worthwhile and rewarding work,
  4. have a place to return to.

Based on decades of international experience and research Clubhouse Members:

  • improve their mental, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing,
  • re-build social skills,
  • develop friendships and social connectedness within the community,
  • access educational opportunities
  • access employment or valued volunteer roles
  • enhance family relationships,
  • access the supports and services they may need.

What is Clubhouse International?


A Clubhouse operates on a community partnership model. Members and a small number of staff work side by side, co-operatively as colleagues to manage all the operations of the Junction in an environment of respect, acceptance and commitment to the potential contribution and personal success of each member.


The culture and daily activities of the Junction Clubhouse are focused on “doing with” a person rather than the more traditional approach of “doing for”, or even “doing to”! The focus is on facilitating the development of the strengths and potential each person has through ongoing peer or ‘member’ support. Once a person becomes a member of the Junction Clubhouse, they are a member for life.


The 36 standards which are used for accreditation throughout the international Clubhouse movement allow for each Clubhouse to work within a set of parameters which are proven to be worthwhile. This means that the approach that has been developed over decades and now works in hundreds of cities across the world has come to Cairns.