Clubhouse Members

What is a Clubhouse?

Clubhouses are places where people with a mental health issue can meet with their peers in a structured environment that provides access to employment and pre-employment activities, improved housing access, social ventures, social activities, peer support, mentoring, life skills development and a range of self- directed activities.


About the Clubhouse

The Junction Clubhouse offers people who have had their lives impacted by long term mental health issues the right to:

  • A place to come to,
  • Meaningful relationships,
  • Worthwhile, rewarding work and other valued roles,
  • A place to return to.

History of the Junction Clubhouse

The Junction Clubhouse opened in December 2014 and supports individuals to re-engage with other people and re-connect with their community. With 60 years of experience and over 300 Clubhouses now operating in 34 countries this is a concept whose time has come!

What’s Happening at the Clubhouse?

Prior to becoming a Member at the Junction I had been dormant with little stimulation. I had a fairly sedentary life filled with boredom. I feel like I have come out of hibernation since joining, and my brain is now stimulated with a purpose.
Rawinia - Junction Member
The Junction Clubhouse provides a niche in mental health community for a safe, friendly and empowering atmosphere for people with a mental illness to gather and enrich their lives. I have noticed a positive change in my life through participating in the activities of The Junction.
Stephen - Junction Member